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Faithfully Serving New Jersey Kitchens for Over 25 Years

Our company started nearly 3 decades ago.  In 2012, the company operations was handed over to Richard Farrell Jr., the next generation of Malachy Parts & Service.  Along with his sister Samantha Farrell, they have grown the business in all areas.  The relationships with 
manufacturers, manufacturers reps, dealers, customers and their employees is what is thrusting the company forward.  Richard Farrell Jr. believes in people first.  That is what the future is being built on.

From small “ma and pa” shops to national chains, school districts, prisons and hospitals, MPS repairs, maintains and installs commercial kitchen equipment wherever food is being prepared.

Our qualifications

Certified by the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association

CFESA = Certified to Save You Money

We're the only Certified Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA) company in the NY/NJ area. That means our technicians:

  • Fix your equipment right the first time more often, saving you money
  • Know your equipment inside and out, because they're factory trained
  • Keep their skills sharp by participating in ongoing training
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