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Here at the NEW Malachy Parts & Service, we are looking for the best of the best.  We are hiring for passion and commitment first, experience second, and credentials third. 

If you would like to be a part of our growing culture here, please complete the online application below for consideration. 

  • Technicians For Commercial Cooking & Cooling Equipment


All applicants are required to take the following tests. We're proud of our status as a certified CFESA company and want all of our technicians to feel the same way. 



The Commercial Food Equipment Service Association is committed to making sure your repair needs are met professionally & efficiently. To support quality service, CFESA has a program in which technicians are tested and certified only upon successful completion of an exam. After passing rigorous exams, our technicians are awarded seals of excellence in electricity, gas, steam or refrigeration and given certificates noting their CFESA Certified Technician status in that area. If the technicians are with a CFESA Certified Company they are automatically recertified. Once a technician has passed 3 of 4 tests, they are awarded a Master Technician Certification. The CFESA Certified Master Technicians are among the most knowledgeable techs in the industry.

Manufacturers show the credibility of our program when they provide advanced training only for CFESA Certified Technicians. Restaurant owners and foodservice managers alike recognize the value of a highly educated technician when they request a CFESA Certified Technician to perform their maintenance and repairs.

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Steam
  • Refrigeration


  • Training
  • Medical
  • 401K

Employment Application

Employment Application

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Our qualifications

Certified by the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association

CFESA = Certified to Save You Money

We're the only Certified Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA) company in the NY/NJ area. That means our technicians:

  • Fix your equipment right the first time more often, saving you money
  • Know your equipment inside and out, because they're factory trained
  • Keep their skills sharp by participating in ongoing training
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