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Commercial Kitchen Maintenance

Reduce Costly Downtime: Keep Your Kitchen Up and Running

With a commercial kitchen maintenance package from Malachy you’ll get:
  • Custom package. You tell us what you want covered and how often (monthly, every other month, quarterly, etc.)
  • Priority response times. When you call, you jump the line, meaning we can usually get to you the same day.
  • Discounted rates. Get a discount on our labor rates.
  • Detailed reports. Know how your equipment is functioning so you can maximize your kitchen’s efficiency.
How it works
  1. You decide what kitchen equipment you’d like us to maintain. It could be everything in your kitchen or just a few key appliances.
  2. You tell us how often you’d like us to show up: monthly, quarterly or twice a year.
  3. We create a custom maintenance package designed to keep your equipment running at peak performance.
  4. We perform the requested maintenance for your kitchen automatically. You don’t worry about it!
  5. Your equipment runs more efficiently with fewer breakdowns and emergencies.
What maintenance includes

Planned maintenance for cooking equipment:
  • Check operations & condition of all components
  • Check all controls for proper operation & adjust as necessary
  • Adjust all burners to operate at maximum efficiency
  • Lubricate valves as necessary
  • Calibrate thermostats
  • Check all operations mechanisms such as springs, hinges etc
  • Clean & adjust gas/air ratios & pilots as necessary
  • Make recommendations for all repairs
Planned maintenance for refrigeration equipment
  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Clean coils with CO2 tank
  • Blow out condensate drains
  • Check & record voltages to all units
  • Blow out & brush air cooled condensers
  • Inspect oil levels
  • Inspect for vibrations & noise
  • Inspect heaters
  • Inspect fan assemblies
  • Check & adjust temperature & pressure
  • Check & adjust all belts
  • Check & adjust operation & safety controls
  • Check all refrigerant levels & test for leaks
  • Inspect equipment drains & condensate pans for deterioration
Each maintenance agreement can be custom tailored to your kitchen and your needs. Contact us for more information.

Want even more flexibility and savings? Check out our time block agreements

With a time block agreement, you can pre-purchase labor hours at a discounted rate and use them on anything (maintenance, repairs, installations). Plus, you’ll still get priority service when you call.

Learn more about time block agreements.

Malachy Parts & Service serves commercial kitchens throughout New Jersey. See our full service area.

Our qualifications

Certified by the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association

CFESA = Certified to Save You Money

We're the only Certified Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA) company in the NY/NJ area. That means our technicians:

  • Fix your equipment right the first time more often, saving you money
  • Know your equipment inside and out, because they're factory trained
  • Keep their skills sharp by participating in ongoing training
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