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Time Block Agreements

Save on Your Kitchen Repairs and Service by Prepaying

Every kitchen needs some maintenance, service and/or repairs throughout the year. A Time Block Agreement lets you save money by planning ahead.

How it works:
  1. You purchase a block of time now (starting at 30 hours) and get a discount on our rates.
  2. You use the time for anything, including maintenance, repairs and/or new equipment installations.

Yes, it’s that simple.

4 reasons our customers love Time Block Agreements
  • Save on our hourly rates. We reward you for planning ahead and purchasing hours in bulk with a discount on our hourly rates.
  • Get priority (usually same-day) service. We’ll bump you to the front of the line when you call. And that usually means same-day service at no additional charge.
  • Say goodbye to trip and diagnostic charges. We waive our trip fees for all of our Time Block Agreement members.
  • Use your time for any service. You paid for them, use them how you want: repairs, maintenance or installations.

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Our qualifications

Certified by the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association

CFESA = Certified to Save You Money

We're the only Certified Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA) company in the NY/NJ area. That means our technicians:

  • Fix your equipment right the first time more often, saving you money
  • Know your equipment inside and out, because they're factory trained
  • Keep their skills sharp by participating in ongoing training
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